Monday, September 05, 2005

Disposable Black and White Camera Photos

Here's all the photos taken by all of you, with the disposable B&W cameras we left sitting around on random tables.

Because these cameras were passed around quite a bit, each roll is an individual hodge-podge of photos. And all are worth taking a look at. But, whereever there seemed to be a series or theme, I included them in the description following each cameras link.

Camera 1 - The ceremony, ringing in the new couple, Tyler and Sarah's coworkers and a couple shots of Sarah's family.

Camera 2 - Tyler's coworkers, their shoes, Ty's friends and some dancing.

Camera 3 - Tyler and Sarah's friends, Sarah's family, dancing and the Yi sisters meet Joe.

Camera 4 - Sarah's coworkers and family, Susan's quilts and Evan's breakdown.

Camera 5 - The toasts, Sarah's family, Ty's friends and Sarah's little cousins have fun with the camera.

Camera 6 - Sarah's family and dancing.

Camera 7 - Sarah and her family and friends.

Camera 8 - More shoes, Ty's family, some Atrium pics, and the Bride and groom departing.

Camera 9 - The atrium, Sarah and friends, kids and a few photos from a couple days later.


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