Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"Any man who would be a knight and follow a king... follow me."

Yeah, I tried using that line at the bars one night, but my friends just laughed at me.

I'm not entirely sure where my dorky fascination with Arthurian Legend came from. I haven't been a big fan of fantasy since my Dungeon and Dragons days of Junior High. But, I still find myself strangely compelled to read or watch any Arthurian Tale I come across, no matter how bad it is.

It was that strange siren song that forced me to watch the regretable King Arthur earlier this year. And compelled me -last night- to watch Excalibur.

Who's Yer Daddy!!

OK, so it was sort of a dorky movie too. But, I'd definitely qualify it as "fun dorky." With tons of hammed up performances, including ones by a younger Gabriel Byrne, Patrick Stewart and Liam Neeson. An Arthur who sports an "aw shucks"-style quasi-Irish accent. And some Medieval ladies who've managed to develop shag haircuts about 1100 years before they became fashionable.

But, its also got some genuinely fun sequences involving armored knights chopping each other up to the tune of "O Fortuna." And some nice cinemotography. Next up, Camelot.

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