Friday, October 07, 2005

The personalities of my jobs are so painted irony

So, I was surfing artist portfolio websites today, and came across this artist, Laurina Paperina. Apparently, she is an Italian artist, who does simple child like cartoons of superheroes and the like.

But, the thing that jumped out at me was this, her English-language Artist Statement:
[I'm english isn't good !!!]

I play with the art.
My work is an ironic elaboration of the contemporaneity and on the identities which compose it.
Elaboration which is born synthetizing a language where diversity and contradiction join and where he affects him from the Internet culture and of tvs, some strip cartoons and some Games displays, of the science fiction and the Cartoons, produce a complex set of elements which turn into an obvious chaos but they let some recognizable forms glimpse themselves.
The personalities of my jobs are so painted irony and they are fruit of my fantasy, they are dynamic forms and gaudy colours of a kind of "Virtual Reality" such to a Games display where the pretence and the appearance play simulating the reality.
In synthesis my work is a precise ironic game on my experiences which a purpose does not have well if not that to represent the thought diversities and as these can coexist, as if every element was an indispensable fragment of a Puzzle.

I like that. Word for word, I want that to be my Artist Statement too.

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