Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ale Taster or Fear-Nothing Maker

Choices, choices, choices...

If you think there are a lot of random jobs in the world, you're in for a surprise. There were even more random jobs in the past.

A coworkers sent me this link of Archaic Job Titles, that are useful to genealogists trying to track down surnames that they are based on. The list contains everything from Accipitary (a falconer) to a Zitherist (a player of a simple flat, many-string instrument). And several hundred occupatons in between.

While I've know for some time now that my name, Tyler, means "someone who lays bricks or tiles;" I was previously unaware that a Hiller (of which my last name is possibly derived) also means "someone who covers a house with slates and tiles." Meaning, I have possibly one of the most redundant names on the planet.

Jobs Away!

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