Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A New Creature

With Sarah's most recent issue of The Believer, we got the premiere issue of a DVD "magazine" called Wholphin. It's a quarter periodical DVD (with accompanying booklet) that showcases short films and documentaries.

We've only watched about half the stuff on it, but pretty much everything has been great. There's a documentary by Spike Jonze on Al Gore, which he filmed during Al's bid for President. The magazine claims that -if it had been shown during his campaign- he probably would be President right now. I'm inclined to agree.

In addition there is a lot of other great stuff by everyone from Miranda July (who did "You, Me and Everyone We Know") to a Turkish sitcom where you can pick between 6 different version of subtitles, each made up by a different author.

Good stuff.

And, for those who are curious what "wholphin" means, its essentially a half-whale, half-dolphin. Real wholphins.

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