Sunday, February 19, 2006

Go Jump Off A Cliff!, that's not a response to the people who have pointed out to me that I've been bad about updating my blog. Because, admittedly, I have been pretty bad at updating it.

Like, really, really bad.

Instead, the title of this entry is in reference to a great new site I discovered while reading my favorite blog, Drawn!*

The Cliff Gallery: Long story short, a guy by the name of Walt Parrish, has been asking famous comic book illustrators to draw sketches for him. The common theme running through out his sketches: Cliffs. While some are definitely more inspired than others, its pretty easy to waste a lot of time looking out what all the illustrators ended up drawing.

And, if cliffs just aren't your thing (scared of heights?), then there's also the the Jar Gallery ...which is just as cool as the cliff gallery.

...except with jars.

*Really, you all should be checking out Drawn, like, everyday.

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