Thursday, March 16, 2006

Why not Runaway?

As a comic collector, I often find myself wondering: "why don't more people read comic books?" But, occasionally, I read a title that makes me think that specifically: "Why don't more people read this comic book?" The comic to stir that thought from my head most recently is Runaways.

The premise of this books goes something like this: At one point in every teenagers life, they become convinced that their parents are evil. For a group of LA teenagers though, this turns out to be true!

A group of teenagers accidently stumble across their parents performing a human sacrifice, and discover that they are members of a cabal of supervillians, named the Pride. This group of teens run away from home, vowing to undo the evil that their parents have commited.

One part superhero adventure, and one part Dawson's Creek, Runaways continues to be consistently better than it has any right to be, and more accessible than your average Marvel comic book. In addition, the series is currently a dozen issues into its second "season" (the first season ran roughly 18 issues), and almost every issue to date has featured at least one "whoa, I didn't see that coming" moment.

I know only about 6 people ever check in with this Blog, but the series readership is so low these days that 6 people would probably double its circulation.

But, if you don't feel like reading about runaway teenagers battling their superhero parents, you might still want to check out this site which lists superheroes by their religions. Silly, but interesting.

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