Monday, June 26, 2006

Timeliness vs. Timelessness

So, I was checking out Baby Eyeliner's* new album, Critics Pass Away, on Rhapsody today, since it was a featured selection, and it reminded me why I don't listen to much ectroclash music.

It just doesn't age well. In fact, it goes above and beyond not aging well. It's actually so "of the minute" that, by the time I finish the album, I'm already bored of it. It already seems passe.

When I first hit the play button and began listening to "Cristic Pass Away", I thought that the vaguely loungesque delivery of the lyrics had some appeal. And, going a little farther into the songs, I thought some of it had a sort of Joy Division sound to it, which had merit. But, about half a dozen songs into it, I just sort of got bored and couldn't bring myself to finish it.

So, instead, I gave Asobi Seksu's Citrus another listen.

It could be argued that Baby Eyeliner and Asobi Seksu have a lot in common, both drawing upon past sounds to create new music. While Baby Eyeliner draws upon New Wave's minimalist electronic soundscape, Asobi Seksu instead draws upon the shoegazing wall-of-sound made popular by bands like My Bloody Valentine. But, while Baby Eyeliner's sound wears thin after a few songs, I feel that the layers of sound found in Asobi Seksu's album, combined with lead singer, Yuki Chikudate's, angelic vocals gives the album legs which make it stand up to repeat listens.

I discovered "Citrus" a few weeks back, and just remembered and revisited it today. I enjoyed it as much now as I did then. Good stuff.

Baby Eyeliner "Critics Pass Away"

Asobi Seksu's "Citrus"

My Bloody Valentine's "Loveless" **

*OK, just for the record, the name "Baby Eyeliner" is just dumb. It makes Wolf Parade sound cool.

** There are some people who consider this a perfect album. I sympathize with the position, but stick to my guns in maintaining its 4 stars.


generalfan said...

You're the best!! I'm still your number 1 groupie.

The General said...

You are my favorite groupie ever!