Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hello Night

Today's been sort of a random day, and I've been listening to a random mix of music. So, let's take a look at a couple albums, shall we!

First up is Conner's Hello Graphic Missile an album that noticably suffers, in my opinion, from having been released into a world that was alraeady introduced to The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand. Imagine, if you will, the lead singer of Franz Ferdinand singing over the music of the Strokes, and you begin to aproximate Conner's sound.

Not that there is anything wrong with that. Conner's music is confident and catchy even. It's just that I've been listening to both the Strokes and Franz Ferdinand for a couple years now so there music has kind of ran its course for me. And since Conner doesn't bring that much new to the table, it has trouble holding my interest.

Speaking of interest, the fine folks over that the Rhapsody Editor's Blog pointed out something interesting to me: Girl Talk's epic 160 song mash-up Night Ripper.

Now, "Night Ripper" isn't something I'd throw in regularly, but as far as entertaining experiments go, this is one of the most entertaininginess... er... est. It's 160 songs jammed into one epic mega-mix. For pure novelty it can't be missed. You'll fine yourself going "Hey! That's a Pixies song! Oh, I remember that Salt-N-Peppa track!" Songs blur over each other. Crash into each other. Fight. And dance. In the end, it's non-stop onslaught of memorable hits left me feeling worn out. But, its still worth the spin, just for the novelty alone.

Conner's "Hello Graphic Missile"

Night Ripper

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