Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Since I don't usually listen to too much AC/DC or Led Zeppelin, I generally don't have too many complaints about any holes in Rhapsody's collection of artists and music. If I did have one complaint, it would be the absence of nearly anything by one of my current favorite bands, Broken Social Scene.

So, when I do want a little work-time fix of Broken Social Scene, I occasionally find myself turning to Feist's Let It Die.

I first became aware of Feist's outstanding voice when my wife and I saw her open for Broken Social Scene (she also serves as one of several singers for BSS). Although Feist herself dubbed it her "worst show ever," my wife and I were both amazed by her vocal range, as she shifted effortlessly from breeze AM-radio style lilts to bluesy, bayou-soaked moans.

When I first heard "Let It Die", I have to admit that I was a little saddened to hear that it was more AM Radio than Bluesy Bayou. But, after just a couple listens, I warmed to it like an old friend. And a few of the tracks hint at her wider vocal range, like the excellent "When I Was A Young Girl".

Oh, and her cover of "Inside And Out" makes me dance in the car like a complete idiot. Without fail. Just ask Generalfa... er, I mean, my wife.

Recently, a remix album of Feist's songs, Open Season, popped up on Rhapsody too. Sadly, it doesn't introduce too much new material, instead relying on a large number of remixes of her main single, Mushaboom.

Still, a lot of the songs have a nice beat. So, its not bad if you want to do a little dancin'. Mushaboom... boom...boom.

Feist's "Let It Die"

Fiest's "Open Season"


generalfan said...

Yay for Feist! Do you know if her new CD is out? I'm hoping for more self-looping melodies and angst.

PS When does the contest end?

The General said...

Generalfan, I'm not sure when her new album is due out. I found one article that mentioned something maybe coming out this fall. But that's about it. I'll let you know if I hear anything.

PS: The Contest runs through July 21st, I beleive. This Blog will in all likelyhood continue after that.

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