Friday, November 10, 2006

NEW COMICS: 11.8.06

Yay! I'm a happy-camper! Not because comics were great this week, but because they've added Broken Social Scene to Rhapsody. Which means I can rock out with them all day long while I work. Or, at least while I create the convincing illusion of working, while I rock out.

Also, as a quick note, Kirk Cameron and Company have proven that God exists. Their primary (well, only) piece of evidence is a banana. So, I guess that settles that.

Anyhow, on to comics!

New X-men #32 - After its year long Nimrod story, this book takes a little bit of a breather. Which, while I enjoyed the last arc, it probably needed. Unfortunately, they also take this opportunity to use a fill-in penciler, and the title suffers a bit for the generic visuals he provides. In addition, since so many characters were killed off over the last year, they provide the obligatory funeral sequence which I'm sure was supposed to be touching, but just seemed clunky and sort of dorky.

Luckily, this issue isn't a complete misstep, since there are some good character moments. In addition, they are introducing a storyline and conflict involving Wither, which I'm certain will be the next big conflict. Frotunately, it includes another baddie from my early days collecting X-men, and seems like it could be entertaining too.

Ultimate X-men #76 - Part two of the Cable storyline, and I actually find myself really enjoying what Kirkman is doing here. To be fair, the number of time travelers from dystopian futures who have joined the ranks of the main Marvel Universe's X-men is silly to say the least. So, I think it’s nice that Kirkman is introducing the time travel theme to the title, but also seems to be streamlining it. Cable is not longer Cyclops and a clone of Jean Grey's son from the future, now he just appears to be Wolverine... from the future. And Bishop's storyline is being folded smoothly into Cable's, which makes the entire time traveling pill easier to swallow.

So, yeah, I'm enjoying this overall. The art is a little confused in some of the fight scenes, but that's a comparatively minor complaint.

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