Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Reviewing the Reviewers

The other day, I stumbled across Pulp Secret, a website that boasts two online comic book review shows. While neither show is great, I'm all for anything the increases the profile of comic books in general. And, personally, finding any sort of show which talks about comic books holds the same thrill for me that my lovely wife must have felt when she discovered Readng Rainbow as a child. So, with that in mind, I thought I'd review both of the shows. First up...

A Comicbook Orange

A Comicbook Orange is a roughly 5 minute long review show, which features three reviews each episode, and is hosted by Casey McKinnen (sp). Casey is probably the shows greats asset and biggest weakness. She's obviously going for cute, crazy, and irreverent; but just as often ends up in the realm, well, obnoxious. Still, I guess credit is due for having a program which features a female comic collector (even if for no other reason than to give dozens of males collectors something to fantasize over from their basements). Also, when the reviews for each title actually kick in, they are generally clear, well thought out and insightful. Something the next show might be lacking in...

The Stack

Clocking in at around 15 minutes, The Stack features three average Joes named Alex, Justin and Steve. Their format is straight forward enough: The sit around a table together, review comic books and joke around. Usually, they'll give three in depth reviews, and then follow that up with some "speed reviews" and viewer questions. Unfortunately, while they seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves and are occasionally funny, I think that their banter gets in the way of the clarity of their reviews. They'll have talked about a given title for several minutes, but then you'll realized they've segued into discussions about how Victorian Era pimps may have talked... but not actually told you much about the comic in question.

Still, like A Comicbook Orange, it great to see a show (even a YouTube show) that discusses comic books, and -as such- deserves some support. With any luck, they’ll both continue to grow and improve, while opening the door for similar shows in the future.

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