Sunday, January 27, 2008

Commuter Cam

AKA: The Take Your Camera To Work Day Project

The other day, I was walking to work and noticed the morning sun hitting the Aurora bridge from across Lake Union and though, "oh, that's pretty nice looking."

The day before that, I had been walking to catch the SLUT, when I looked around and noticed how many cranes seemed to rise around me. The day before that, I couldn't help but notice steam rising from the top of a highrise and wish there was someone around to point out how neat it looked.

It's moments like this that have led me to propose the Commuter Cam Project. Here's how it works:

Step the First: Pick a day, and bring your camera with you on our commute to work.

Step the Second: During your commute, take pictures of anything that catches your attention. It can be something special that you see that particular day. Or, maybe its something that you see every day, and which you always sort of wish you could point out to your friends... but never get a chance to.

Step the Third and Final: Post the pictures you take on your blog along with any commentary you watch to add.

There are a couple reasons that I think that this will be a worthwhile and interesting project.

Reason the First: I suspect that everyone has little things that they see every day on their commute to work that have sort of meaning to them, but never get to share. Or, maybe there is something humorous about their commute. Or, maybe there is some little ritual they perform (ex: Maybe there is a sign you always touch for good luck, or maybe... um... you slaugter a goat on First and Bell, I don't know).

Reason the Second: Everyone hates commuting. It's probably, on average, the most mindnumbing or frustrating portion of the average persons day. Maybe by doing this, it will force us to look at our commute a little different, or maybe just shake us out of our usual zoned out drift to work.

Reason the Third and Final: I think it might be interesting. Maybe.

Anyhow, I plan on taking my camera work next week, and snapping off some photos during my commute. Hopefully, by this time next week, I'll have the entry up. If any of you out there in Interweb Land are intersted in participating too, that would be great. If you get an entry posted, let me know, and I'll link to it here at General Admissons. The more the merrier! And -as anyone who's sat in traffic knows- there are plenty of you out there making the daily commute to work.

FINAL DISCLAIMER: If you decide to join the Commuter Cam Project, and if you drive to work. Please don't drive and shoot at the same time. Wait for a red light, stop and go traffic or, like, pull over to take your photos or something. I don't want to see photos of car wrecks posted online as a result of this!


Austin said...

Can I participate, even if I love my commute?

Cool idea!

The General said...

Yes! Please do! I also love my commute, so you will be in good company.

Betsy said...

Cool idea. I'm in.