Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Commuter Cam 2: Foggy skies and secret signs

I really enjoyed doing the commuter cam thing... enough so that this morning, rather spur of the moment, I grabbed my camera and decided to do it again. There really does seem to be something to bringing my camera to work that forces me to break free of my zombie march, and look at the things that surround me a bit. So, here goes...

This time, instead of doing things in chronological order, I think I'll sort of group things thematically.

As you can see, it was pretty foggy on today's walk into work. I just love images like this, with high-rises disappearing into grey skies. They aren't necessarily unique, but there's still something mysterious about them. I wonder what people are doing up there? And can they see the ground?

Here's another building disappearing into the sky... but for a whole different reason. Construction continues, presumably on schedule, for the building across the street from where I catch the street car.

And, while one building goes up, another comes down. This isn't really the best picture of this building that is being torn down. But, I like how the reflections of the Streetcars lights look on the window. It sort of makes the image more dramatic, and gives it a sense of motion. Whoooosh!

Also, notice the cranes in the background. My friend wasn't lying when he told me that he counted 13 cranes one day while standing in one place; the other day I counted 15!

And here's the inside of the Streetcar. I think it sort of has that 2001 vibe. It's fun how 2001 started out as a futuristic version of the future, then became a retro-version on the future, and is now a retro-version of the past. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but I'll let you try to parse it out.

62 is my lucky number... I hadn't noticed my lucky utility box until today, though.

With all the construction in this area, the street are lined with spraypainted marks like this. But, because I'm the type of guy who collects comic books and used to play rollplaying games, I always like to pretend that these are secret runic marks left by urban wizards locked in some sort of midnight turf war. Awesome or dorky, you make the call.

Someone's living their dream.

Sometimes, while walking across the dock on Lake Union, I see this strange bird. It's some sort of loon or something. Anyhow, I was hoping that it'd be there today for me, and it was! Not only that, it picked a picture perfect place to pose for the camera.

I think I'll pretend its good luck whenever I see this bird on the way to work. He looks lucky. Like the number 62.

Actually, the timbers of the old dock that the bird was perched on are actually pretty cool. Some of them are really rotten, somehow defying gravity and refusing to fall into the lake.

Others, though, are long gone.

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Austin said...

Cool! Great shots. Ya, the fog was amazing this morning. You did a good job of capturing that with the skyscrapers downtown.