Monday, October 22, 2007

Featured Creatured: Barbegazi

If you are a shepherd in the Swiss Alps, and find yourself approached by a white bearded gnome with large feet, do not be alarmed. It is merely the shy, yet helpful Barbegazi. In fact, if you have any lost sheep or goats, he may even try to help you locate them.

The Barbegazi are often also referred to as "Frozen Beard" because of their long beard which drags behind them in the snow. In addition, the Barbegazi never come down from their icy mountain-top homes and will even go into hibernation if the weather becomes too warm for their liking; only to awaken again at the first snowfall.

The most notable feature of the Barbegazi is its oversized feet. These feet are specially adapted for their frozen habitat and allow them to walk upon the snow as if snowshoeing. Also, given a steep enough hillside, it is not uncommon for them to actually use their feet as skis. Truly, a remarkable species!

Wikipedia: Barbegazi


Austin said...

Oh man what a curmudgeon!

The General said...

You would be too, if you had to live in the mountains without a shirt.