Sunday, July 17, 2005

I Want To Be A Carny!

This weekend, my fiancee, some friends and I went to see Circus Contraption. Surreal, funny and slightly naughty. I was hoping it would be great, but -even then- it exceeded my expectations. A wonderful blend of costumes, music, acrobatics and clowns of the non-scary variety... OK, some were scary, but they meant to be. Anyhow, its a wonderful show, that I can't recommend enough. I believe they are playing through the end of July in Seattle, before moving on to New York (for all the NY readers... cause, y'know, I have tons). Anyhow, go see it!

Circus Contraption's Grand American Traveling Dime Museum

That's right, folks. Circus Contraption announces the imminent RE-arrival of its Grand American Traveling Dime Museum! For a modest admission you will be privy to a vast Collection of Exhibits guaranteed to Educate and Entertain. Featuring Miracles of Man and of Nature, Curiosities of the Past and Marvels of the Modern Age. A veritable Confectionery of exquisite Novelties awaits the genteel Visitor.

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