Monday, August 08, 2005

The Beginning of the Beginning

Well, today is the beginning of the week that ends, quite climatically, with my wedding. So, in order celebrate, my fiancee, some of our friends and I are going to I "Heart" Shiva at the The Baltic Room

The Baltic Room presents:
I (heart) Shiva
Hindi, Bollywood and Bhangra-Hop from the original soundsystem: Peter Madril, Manpreet, William Gilchrist and Ravi. Dine in for some curri infused dance music. Ladies free before 11pm 9pm-2am

Since this is the place where the two of us met, nearly two years ago, we thought it would be a great way of starting off the week!

I "Heart" Sarah! ...and Shiva is kind of cool too!

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