Tuesday, November 15, 2005

No BS about BSS

(Ok, that's a pretty dorky title. They can't all be winners though.)

I just wanted to quickly note that me, my wife and a friend went to see Broken Social Scene over the weekend. They rocked my socks off... then washed them, folded them, and burnt them with gasoline. They are my new Favorite Band of All Time™. Today.

But, yeah, the were awe-to-the-some, y'all. Even more so because of the sheer size of the band (4 guitarists, a bassist, the lead singer, 2 back-up singers, a keyboardist, a violinist, a 5 person horn section and 2 drummers). So, until the next oversized Canadian indie-rock band hits the scene, their CD will probably be on repeat in the car.

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