Friday, December 16, 2005

Talking with Tim

I talked to Tim, someone I know from comic book message boards about traveling today. Last year, he spent a year traveling through Asia, Australia and North America. Here's some of what he had to say.

On costs: (keeping in mind he's British)
Without getting too specific (and people can do the sums if they like) my costs broke down roughly:
- £1500 plane ticket and travel insurance (get the best stuff, if you need to use it at all you'll appreciate having paid I cannot stress this enough)
- £400 intrepid trip (Two weeks, accomadation and travel covered, I'd say it was worth it)(NOTE: This is a guided trip Tim took in China)
- Travel was done by buying passes on buses and trains in more developed countries, or just turning up and hoping in Asia. Prices really vary accoring to area.

Daily costs (basic food and sleeping):
SE Asia: £5-7
China: £5-7
Japan: £20-40
Australia/NZ: £20
USA/Canada: £20
Mexico: £10

That gets you a dorm bed, and assumes self-catering where you can (not in asia!). As a couple you can expect to save money on food if you self-cook together, and possibly on sleeping if you get a double room. Sometimes a double can cost a bit more, sometimes less - it varys by place and country.

He also mentioned all the usual resource Lonely Planet, STA Travel and meeting people and getting advice while travelling through Hostels.

He recommended, if we want the most bang for our buck, that we stick to Asia and South America. While staying away from Europe and Australia, becuase they are more expensive and would be better suited for later "Holidays."

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