Monday, December 19, 2005

Tim's timetable

Talked to Tim again, and quized him on how long he travels and what his timetable was for each section. Basically, I'm still just trying to get a basic idea of how many locations we can hit, and how quick is too quick, etc.

Tim was traveling for about 10 or 11 months total, and this is how his trip broke down.
Times I had, from the top:

a month and a half going from Singapore to Hanoi: There was so much here I didn't have a chance to do; I did the tip of the Iceberg

A month and a bit in China: Again, tip of the iceberg, though for the limited area I did, not too bad. More time in Taiwan would have been good.

16 days in japan: could have done more, didn't have the money. Great place though.

2 Months in Australia: I filled the time and did some excellent stuff. That said, it's the one place I feel I could have spent less time. Though saying that I can't think of a single thing i'd miss out, so...

3 weeks in New Zealand: Enough time to do what I did, though there was still stuff to see. Another two weeks would have been good, but it's a small place - those would have been spent getting out into the wilderness a bit more.

....and do I need to itinerise the US, Canada and Mexico? I've been before, so i don't feel cheated there. More time in Canada would have been cool at several junctions, but I'm relaxed since I've seen so much of the place - it was a lovely vacation.

Mexico I could have spent way more time in. Easily a month.

If i were going to do it again, Asia would get more time, every part of it. Australia and NZ wouldn't get a look-in because I've done them now, and the US/Canada might get a re-visit for the BG meet, but I'd choose to go Mexico and south more

I've also continued to add links to references on the right hand navigation. In addition, over the week, Sarah and I compiled some lists of places we'd liek to visit and I started drafting some rough maps of itineraries. Maybe I'll try to get those up soom.

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