Friday, January 27, 2006

Random links to make you think.

(Honestly, I don't actively try to have my headlines sound stupid... they just happen to come out that way.)

I've continued to be the Worlds Worst Blogger™, and completely neglect updating my site. But, maybe that says something positive about my social life. I feel compelled at this point to say something self-deprecating, but instead, I shall move on to posting the links that this entries title promised.

Anyhow, I promise you I don't have an obsession with marine biology, though this blog would seem to indicate otherwise. That said, it does bearing noting that researchers have found one of the smallest known fish on record in the peat swamps of the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

Also, this morning, one of my friends, Ambika, turned me onto this site, which seems to be a treasure trove of time wasting articles, weblinks and fact:

If you'd like to read something that would make you feel all self-rightously liberal (which I often enjoy doing), might I recommend this article by Gore Vidal.

Or, if you just want to solve a perplexing online mystery, check out Who Is Benjamin Stove? And help try to figure out the mystery of a crop circle painting from 1913.

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