Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Feedback on the New Map

I posted the map below at the Lonely Planet message board, and got this feedback from one of the regular posters there, Hurricane:
Sponge - it looks ALMOST doable. If I had one month in our region would consider only doing Australia or NZ. One month in South Asia - It took me 3 weeks to see Vietnam and was just the tip of the iceberg I would pick two countries max maybe Vietnam/Thailand or Thailand and Cambodia.

Where are you starting in Turkey and when - remember it's bloody freezing from November until May. We did it in a month including some time on the Greek Islands - I can send you a suggested itinerary if you like.

With regards to Africa - I would extend my time in Kenya and go to Tanzania - it's got the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater - I'm busting a gut to get there. Also you can then see Zanzibar - spice isle yum yum - Have been to Jo'Burg and not Capetown and other places but personally would cancel that and focus on the Kenya region

Buenos Aires is wonderful but if you're pressed for time I wouldn't spend a whole week there unless you're going out to the Igazu (sp?) falls.

Finally try and extend Cairo to 2 weeks or at least 10 days. That gives you 3 days Cairo - and then time to see Luxor and Aswan - I did a three day felucca trip between Aswan and Luxor - best time

PSD - make sure you do a chill out at least 3 days every month - ie - end Australian trip in Barrier Reef and just sun and sand for a couple of days, end Turkey trip in Santorini for a few days.

Interesting advice to consider!

EDIT TO ADD: Looks like the idea about crossing from Egypt to Turkey or Greece by boat, is impossible.

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