Tuesday, February 21, 2006

PERU & BOLIVIA: Stephanie's Trip

Sarah and mine's friend, Stephanie, went to South America for six months several years ago. I sent her an email asking about the trip and about Bolivia and Peru specifically. Here's her response:
Hi Tyler,
I spent some time in Lima (not very interesting
city, you can miss it), off to Cusco by plane. I took
the train to the city closest to Macchu Pichu and
stayed overnight (ok town, with very cool hikes with
ropes and jungle, as well as hotsprings for a nominal
fee in a lovely setting) then able to take the early
train to MP at 6am, before everyone arrived at 10am.
Had about 4 hours with the place nearly to ourselves.
It was so amazing, and very different when all the
trains and such arrived.
OUtlying areas from Cusco are wonderful. Sacred
valley and such. Then stylin bus across the alitplano
to Arequipa. Lovely town to study spanish for 2 weeks.
Gorgeous little city with amazing features. Then off
to Puno (boring town) but the jumping place to see the
floating island cities..which were very cool and
caught a festival. Then off to Copacabana Bolivia,
where i stayed in a stylin place, but good for a short
visit. Then La Paz and some outlying day trips. Crazy
city, wonderful people, very poor. Then,I went back to
Peru (Hallie went down to the salt plains which i hear
are worth seeing...talk with her about them). My total
time was about 5 weeks in those countries, but then i
had 6 months planned only on the SA continent....and
there are some great places i didn't go. Like to the
Cordillera Blanca just a bit north because there was a
strike and the buses weren't running. Supposedly
amazing. In fact if we sat down with a book i could
point out lots of amazing things i researched but
didn't do....
You may want to do Ecuador and Peru. Ecuador has
jungle, the Galapagos, hiking, bubbling, amazing
indiginous towns...
Hope that helps....buena suerte!

Since this email, I talked with Hallie some more, and she highly encouraged us to go to Bolivia.

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