Tuesday, April 11, 2006

WORLD: Map 4

Yet again, Sarah and I are considering changing our route in a major way. After discovering we could travel to NZ/Australia via Easter Island and Tahiti, we are considering that route. This allows us to catch NZ and Tasmania during their summer, and we'd miss India and Southeast Asia's monsoon seasons but instead we'll be catching their "hot and dusty" season.

Click to enlarge!

Juggling seasons seems to be the biggest obstacle I've encountered so far in my planning.

Edit to add: I stumbled across this list of costs on Lonely Planet. From someones 2003 trip:

Turkey: US$30 per person per day
Greece: US$40 pppd (Another post says costs have shot up to $90 a day)
Thailand: US$22 pppd
Vietnam: US$18 pppd
Laos: US$14 pppd
Cambodia $23 pppd
Venezuela $24 pppd

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