Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Weather Notes:

I psoted a question on Lonely Planet asking about the weather, and what times of year to avoid what locations. In general, the responses I heard seemed to supprt the current itinerary. Here's some of them:

Peru & Bolivia
"I was in Peru in July - ie peak of winter, in Cusco and the surrounding area it got cold at night, camping at 4,500m we woke up and our water had completely frozen in the bottles. But having said that it's not a bad time to visit, it's not so cold during the day when the sun is out - and I really wouldn't worry about it being too cold - just have a good sweater - or buy one ther"

"Macchu Picchu is not a problem during South American "winter" because it' s only 2.800 m high. I was there last August and it was pretty OK (about 7-10C) by night and pretty warm by day. 2.800 is nothing in Andes (most of the time you live at 3500-4500 m.). The lowest temp we met in Peru was in Chivay (3.800 m) of Canyon de Colca one morning - about -2C."

"I was in south america throughout a whole winter and never found it too cold (but the furthest south i went was Bariloche)"

"Concerning Bolivia and Peru, the optimal time for trekking is during their "winter". Their summers and winters arent based on temperature difference like ours, but on rainfall. Winter is much drier."

India and SE Asia
"some places can be more affected by the monsoons than others - but these are places which are visited all year round and though you could be unluky and get rain for days in a row it's more likely to be intermitently - of course monsoon means higher humidity (thus a feeling that it's hotter) and more mosquitos. I'd try and avoid the monsoon but wouldn't be too worried if dates didn't work out that way"

"Avoid India southern parts during June to August. it is too hot to move there duing the sunny days."

"avoid the winter - it'll be cold and snowy"

"I only know about Turkey, and #1 is right, it can be pretty damn cold and snowy. More so in the east of the country than the west, but the west is still far colder than it is here (UK) in the winter."

"...and about Turkey, avoid it - not during winter - but on August because o touristic flow (Greece as well where I come from)."

"Kenya - if you can avoid the rainy season (around this time of year) so much the better but it's not biggie."

"Kenya, as Toad told, avoid it during March -to May, because of the rainy season. Very beautiful terrain but very sticky mud roads (the black cotton as it's called)"

"will get hotter during the summer - but you can cope with it."

"About Egypt, avoid summer (July, August)"

NZ and Tasmania
"can't really comment but they do indeed seem fairly temperate"

"Depends what weather you like. New Zealand snows more in the south island winter but this makes it really beautiful."

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