Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Do You Have World Cup Fever?

If not, you will after listening to this! One of my coworkers pointed this song out to me the other week, and though I've only listened to it, maybe, twice. It's been stuck in my head since then... and probably not in a good way.

Being new to the World Cup, I'm not 100% certain as to the history of this song or the band, Air Miami. The half-assed research I just did (which involved typing the words "world cup fever air miami" into Google) did tell me that the song was made in honor of the 1994 World Cup, held in the US.

Also, the "audio-research" I am doing while typing this (which involves listening to all six remixes of the song in a row) also confirms that the main goal (sic) of each song on this six song single is to be a little more obnoxious than the one before it. As near as I can tell, the final version of the song featured on the album is one sung by a robot from the Black Hole. And I don't mean the one voiced by Slim Pickins.

Still, the song does bestow the listener with a clinical case of World Cup Fever (Mundus Vas Morbus)... so that makes it a sucess, I guess. So, while it gets one star, it also gets my recommendation.

Oh, and if you are still having trouble catching World Cup Fever, and would rather catch the club-drug version, check out Paul Oakenfold's quick and harmless song Beautiful Goal.

World Cup Fever:

Beautiful Goal:

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