Thursday, June 15, 2006

Return to Sender?

Ever since Postal Service released Give Up several years ago, I've been trying to find albums that capture that same twee-electro-pop sound. Another album that manages to be almost annoyingly heartfelt at the same time as ultimately danceable. So, when the Rhapsody editors described Hot Chip's new album, The Warning, like this, I thought I might be in luck:

With their second album, Hot Chip graduate from the bedroom to the recording studio and keep grinning the whole way. Even with denser production, the London electro-hop outfit retains a cuddly, lo-fi intimacy, thanks especially to Joe Goddard's straight-faced vocal nonchalance.

Turns out, after listening to them, that with their primarily laid back sound and montone vocal delivery, Hot Chip probably has more in common with the Beta Band than with the Postal Service (they also share the same label, Astralwerks).

Not that sounding like the Beta Band is a bad thing. In fact, while they occasionally got a little too "blippy" for my taste, Hot Chip's CD was pretty solid and listenable overall. With more than one track catching my attention, like the single Over and Over.

For some reason, while they sound nothing at all alike, I was reminded of the band the Fitness. While Hot chip drones and strolls along, the Fitness threw itself into your face and demanded you party. Demanded your sweat. Sadly, Rhapsody seems to have removed the Fitness from their collection, otherwise, I'd link you to them now.

"Give Up" - The Postal Service

"The Warning" - Hot Chip

"Hot Shots II" - the Beta Band

"Call Me For Together" - the Fitness

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