Friday, June 16, 2006

The Fine Art of Self Distraction

Well, as if I haven't prepetually distracted myself with the World Cup (that's pretty much my new homepage), the Seattle International Film Festival and my Round the World trip, I've now also created a music blog: General Listening.

Yup, since I was having trouble staying on top of this blog, I thought the best thing to do would be to create another!

Actually, my main inspiration for starting this new blog now is that the company I work for is having an internal contest trying to inspire more people to create music blog's which contain music links to their music service, So, hey, it allows me to help justify wasting time at work creating blog entries... if I'm doing it to support my job. And if I win: Bonus!

So anyhow, feel free to check out General Listening and let me know what you think, recommend me an album to listen to, discover a new album yourself, or -heck- just let me know if I've made any spelling errors.

Thanks all!

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