Thursday, June 29, 2006

New Comics: 06.28.06

Since I haven't been using this Blog that much recently, I figured that maybe I should put it to work for a new purpose. So now, in addition to any usual ramblings I want to inlcude here, I'm not going to feature weekly "super-brief" reviews of the comics I've bought that week. In addition, I'll also include a one to five Star grade for each comic, based roughly on the system I use over on General Listening.

As a word of warning: These review might be boring if you are not a comic collector, so my feeling won't be hurt if you skip them.

X-Men - This was an odd little story which hinged on the Horsman-ified version of Gambit and Sunfire. Actually, it was probably one of (departing writer)Peter Milligan's stronger issues of X-men, but that's not saying much. For once though, we have a final issue of a writer's run on the series that doesn't feel like a complete and total deck-clearing which I have to say is refreshing. Instead, we actual have some concepts introduced (especially liked the bad guy reveal at the end) and certain character developments left in flux (like the Rogue and Gus storyline). It'll be interesting to see if Carey picks up some of these concepts going forward. I have hopes for his coming run on the title, but I think for it to be successful, he can't just ignore the developments from Milligan's run... no matter how much part of me might want him to.

X-Factor - I tend to belly-ache about this series, but actually this was a pretty interesting issue. It's nice to have a series that is willing to juggle the Decimation, the after-effects of Son of M and Civil War all at the same time. And I think that Peter David does a good job of juggling them, once I get past his character's annoying ticks. This issue has enough interesting stuff going on that I'm honestly excited to see where it goes next issue.

Civil War: Frontline - This is an oddly formated book. But, in a way the format actually works for it by filling in the cracks between the big sweeping action of the main Civil War miniseries. But, that said, its actually a bit on the uneven side. I enjoyed the first story overall (though I want to know how Prodigy was drinking with his face mask on). And, I probably think the Speedball portion is the strongest and most interesting storyline. The third part was OK, with an ending which at least leaves me wondering where the story is going. But, the fourth part just seemed redundant and didn't particularly bring anything new to the table. Overall though, I'd give it:

Nextwave - Me: "Honey, look, she's killing samurai robots with a shovel!" Sarah: "That's nice, hon." I love this book!

I also picked up the DC Brave New World book because it was only $1 for 80 pages, but haven't read it all yet. And the new Marvel Handbook.

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