Wednesday, June 21, 2006

...or Sunday... or Monday... or Tuesday... or...

My brainstorming session yesterday reminded me about the band Saturday Looks Good to Me, and I spent the rest of the afternoon listening to them.

Probably the biggest problem I have with Saturday Looks Good to Me is there name which, comes close to beating Wolf Parade for the Best Indie Rock Band with an Awful Band Name Award. But, everything beyond their bad name is straight forward lo-fi goodness.

The person who introduced them to me described them as sounding like "I'm high up on a mountain where I only get one AM radio station, but that station just happens to play the best AM radio I've never heard before." Which, actually isn't bad of a description at all. Like good Belle and Sebastion filtered through fuzzy and faded 50's radio production, Saturday Looks Good to Me manages to sound intimate without being precious, and fun without straying into kitschiness.

Their CD actually reminds me a bit of the Raveonettes third album Pretty In Black.

The Raveonettes are another band with (and bad name and) an obvious love of American's rock music from the 50's. Which is doubly odd, since the band hails from Scandinavian. "Pretty in Black" might not have the same level of variety and sophistication as Saturday's "Sound on Sound," but it rocks out a little harder and features the song "Somewhere in Texas" ...which I still maintain would work great in a movie trailer for a B-grade revenge flick set in the modern day Wild West.

But, I feel that way about a lot of songs.

Saturday Looks Good to Me's "Sound on Sound"

The Raveonettes' "Pretty In Black"

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