Friday, July 28, 2006

NEW COMICS: 07.26.06

Egad! Almost forgot to review comics... and I know you were all worried...

...I'm talking to myself these days, aren't I?

X-men #189 - I am really liking Mike Carey's X-men. There is something about his dialogue that just seems really refreshing. He's managing to give the characters' each a unique voice while not trampling all over previous characterization. And there was literally some pieces of dialogue and narration that I wanted to read out loud because I just thought they'd sound cool. Matched with the tone that Chris Bachelo is setting visually (he's a little clearer this issue too), and this might be my favorite comic right now. I'm still not sold on the bad guys, but they haven't turned into another batch of nameless "badasses" like every villian Claremont created, so I'm not disregarding them yet. Good stuff.

(Probably only deservse four stars, but I'm high on it right now)

Civil War: Runaways/Young Avengers #1 - Good, but (unlike Runaways regular series) not great. I haven't been reading Young Avengers so I'm a little behind on their current status quo, but was mainly excited about this series because I'm a Runaways fan. Sadly, Zeb Wells doesn't quite capture the Runaways usual dialogue so the whole thing ended up feeling a little off. I know that Brian Vaughn's usual "hip" dialogue is a turn off to some people, but I think -at this point- its such a fundemental part of these characters that they just don't seem right without it. They end up feeling sort of flat. The art was interesting too. I say interesting because at times I really liked it... but at other times it just seemed really amateurish. I didn't recognize the artist, but I'm guessing he's just new to the field. I can see him becoming pretty impressive if he continues to get work and improves. Right now, he's just uneven. Sort of like this book.

Civil War: Frontline #4 - I'm still not 100% sure what to make of this book. The biweekly release schedule, mixed with the fact that each issue contains three to four short serials makes it really difficult to review. But, breaking it down by story here goes:

The main story has sort of lost my interest a bit. It doesn't seem to be moving along, and the "debate" between the two reporters doesn't really work for me. I did like the bit between Green Goblin and Ben Urlich, which has me interested. But, the part with Sally and the superheroes being raided didn't work for me, if only because the scenes were filled with too many superheroes that looked like they'd just been made up for that scene. I blame that primarily on the artist. He's defintely the weakest link on this creative team.

The second story continues to be my favorite. I imagine it probably doesn't fair well next to the jailhouse storyline going on over in Daredevil's title. But, still I think what they are doing with Speedball is interesting, and the tone seems right for the story.

The third story still has me lost. I'm getting the idea that the main character is just some agent sent by Namor. But, at this point I guess I still fail to see where this story is going, or (more importantly) why I should care.

The fourth story is pretty much downright insulting to anyone who might have served in Vietnam. Beyond that, its clunky and the illustration work isn't particularly strong or compelling. I pretty much just flipped through it, and pretended I didn't read it.

So, overall, because less than half the stories really interested me this time out:

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