Thursday, August 03, 2006

NEW COMICS: 08.02.06

Pretty blah week for me comic-wise. Only picked up two X-titles, and neither really thrilled me.

Uncanny X-men #477 - I have mixed feelings about this issue. On one hand, I'm still interested in the overall storyline here. And in addition, I thought it was perfectly competent. But, on the other hand, it felt fairly "by the numbers" and I think that I wished there was more of a twist to the storyline. It also didn't help that we've already got a guest penciler this issue and -furthermore- a really boring guest penciller at that. I'm not a huge Tan fan, but at least his art is distinct in an "I'm copying Marc Silvestri" sort of way. Also, the entire issue focuses on Vulcan, which is fine as far as fleshing the character out goes, but I'd be pissed if I was some little kid just looking forward to reading about the X-men (OK, maybe mentally I am). But, on the upswing, the final panel promises some interesting events in the future. So, overall:

New Excalibur #10 - This is another odd issue. Ryan is back on the art, but Tieri is still handling the story. And its an odd story because, on one hand, I'm not sure if its what Claremont planned on doing with the title; but on the other hand, it actually starts to give the team some sense of direction beyond "the X-men in England" and starts to explain why the title might be called Excalibur in the first place. So, its solid for what it is. The thing with Tieri as a writer, for me, is I honestly don't think he's bad with coming up with story ideas. Its just that his execution seems a bit bland and/or plodding. So, a solid issue, but unremarkable.

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