Thursday, August 03, 2006

More Mutants

It seemed fitting to follow up my last blog with another title that had to do with the world mutant population. And, what better way to follow it up than to talk about those mutants of World Music known as Os Mutantes.

Now, one of the reoccuring themes of this blog seems to be me admitting that I know next to nothing about major players in the indie music scene, be it Magnetic Fields or Velvet Underground. So, it seems fitting that I know next to nothing about Os Mutantes too!

But, recently, they toured through Seattle, and I heard a blurb on them on NPR last weekend, so I figured it was time to check out their music. Sadly, Rhapsody selection of their library was limited to a best of CD, titled World Psychedelic Classics 1: Brazil - Everything Is Possible, released by David Byrne's Luaka Bop label several years ago.

But, that's OK, since if I'm going to be introduced to a band, what better way than by my personal hero David Byrne!

Turns out that I can see their appeal to David Byrne. They definitely fall into his pop-world music aesthetic, and fit nicely with the other bands on Luaka Bop. In fact, it turns out that I'd even heard a few songs of theirs before on a Luaka Bop Best Of CD that I own.

But, yeah, its good music. Fun, but not safe. At least I presume its not safe, since I've heard stories of the band being chased from Brazil by the government. But, who knows, they could be singing out their love of koala bears or something.

Regardless though, its good stuff. Enjoyable, and perfect for a sunny afternoon... at work.

Os Mutantes' "World Psychedelic Classics 1: Brazil - Everything Is Possible"

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