Wednesday, August 09, 2006

NEW COMICS: 08.09.07

Civil War: Frontline #5 - This title continues to be a mixed bag for me. While I'm still underwelmed with the art in the first storyline, it definitely delivered interesting twists for the two lead characters. Twists that at least have me curious where the storylines are headed.

Meanwhile, the Speedball story actually takes a pretty big turn too. I like idea of having the Negative Zone be a prison for the superheroes who won't register. But, on the other hand, it strains my suspension of disbelief in a couple ways: A) I find it hard to believe that Reed would help organize something like that, and B) the actual prison itself is too over the top. I just have trouble believing something like that could be built during the couple weeks the story takes place, plus it would be unrealistic to man and fill it.

The third story sort of puts the sleeper agent idea into the background while it deals with SHIELD basically blackmailing Wonderman. While its interesting conceptually, its another example of Jenkin's inability to tell these stories in a balanced way. The SHIELD agents definitely are "evil bad guys."

The final story doesn't seem as forced and stupid as some of the others in this series. But, I think part of that is just because I liked the art, which I believe is by the same artist who did the Son of M miniseries. Its a little disjointed, but still has a visual appeal.


Ultimate X-men #73 - The issue in which Kirkman officially turns his lame pet character into an interesting bad guy. This issue is basically just the Professor, Fury and the X-men confronting the Magician. Followed by the obligitory fight scene between the X-men and Magician. While I've been grousing about Kirkman's run on the title so far, I actually thought this issue was fairly effective. Even after the Magician is revealed to be manipulating peoples minds, he's written in such a way that you still are left with a little doubt. That kept me feeling a little off guard, but in a good way. And, the final page leaves me hoping the finale is as dramatic as it could be.


New X-men #29 - I officially am loving this title. Duncan Rouleau steps in as guest illustrator, but his style is close enough to Paco's that it didn't throw the story off stride too much. And, I'm really enjoying the story.

After watching the kids get the crap kicked out of them for God knows how many issues. And watching member after member die. And having the X-men effectively blow them off when they announce they know who the bad guy is. The kids decide to take things into their own hand. It's interesting. It's dramatic. It's surprisingly funny at moments. It's great!

I'm looking forward to the next issue already! Rating:

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