Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Tater Wha?!....

...and what happened to the "S" on "Admissions"?

You might notice a couple changes around this place. So, I should probably explain what's going on.

A little over a year ago, I started this blog. Since that time, I have created a message board (the previously mention Tater Board), and started three other blogs (General Photos, General Travels, General Listening). But, as the first Anniversary of the Tater Board approaches, I figured its time for some house cleaning.

So, I'm change the look of this blog -and the Tater Board- away from the look and feel of the old (and now defunct) And giving them a mild facelife. In addition, I'm going to be working harder to make the two sites work together. This change will include a greater deal of cross-linking so that readers of the board will hopefully have a better idea of what I'm posting here. And people who read this blog will now be encourage to post their thought on the Tater Board.

Finally, in the coming weeks, I may be retiring the other blogs and/or merging them with this blog. We shall see!

"But," you shout, "you still haven't explained why you dropped the 'S'!?"

Oh yeah, well that was causing some confusion for people who were trying to remember the web address for this site. So, in order to hopefully remove some confusion, I just wanted to bring the two in line with each other. Thus, the title of the blog changes!

Hope you all like the changes!

If not, let me know here.

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