Thursday, August 17, 2006

NEW COMICS: 08.17.06

Ow! I was kind of hoping to do another entry yesterday, but I got a bunch of travel vaccinations on Tuesday. So, yesterday, I wasn't feeling up to doing anything except loosely clutching my shoulders, moaning slightly and dreaming of Ibuprofen.

Anyhow, here we are today with me doing another review of the comics I've read ths week. Which I'm sure bores the crap out of the few of you who actually check in here... but hey! I enjoy writing them! So, lets get started, shall we!

Civil War: X-men #2 - I know some people groused about the first issue of this series, and I certainly complained about the mini-series that lead into it 198. But, that said, I thought this was a perfectly solid issue. Domino and Shatterstar have the 198 holded up in some old underground military compound (boy, there sure are a lot of those in the Marvel Universe). Bishop is leading a US backed force to capture them and bring them back. And the original X-men are trying to track the 198 down to... um... say they support their decision or something.

Anyhow, its actually an interesting enough story from my perspective, with characters having differing, yet, understandable motives. I like that in this issue Dr. Cooper and Bishop aren't taking some hardline imprisonment stance, but seem to be working toward a more moderate position. Which, of course, is being foiled by the "I'm so evil I'm goofy" (or is that vice versa) Gen. Lazer.

The issue is illustrated by the same artist as the first issue, but his work seems a little stronger this issue. And, this issue goes a little bit farther toward justifying itself as a Civil War title. I guess my biggest complaint is that this series could have easily occured in one of the regular X-titles, so I'm not sure why they are releasing it as a seperate mini-series.

Nextwave: Agents of Hate #7 - This series is worth the $2.99 cover price just to see Machine Man kicking Mindless Ones with the stilt legs. Good stuff! Plus, the dialogue continues to entertain, with Photon rambling about various Avengers hitting on her. And someone observing that the X-men come back to life my often than Jesus.

Oh, and the end page or two makes me wish the next issue was already on the stands. Are you up for a ground war? Indeed.

There's not much to the average issue of Nextwave, but what there is always ends up being worth...

Casanova #1, #2, #3 - I've had a couple of people recommend this series to me so since the issues are only $1.99 a pop, I figured "why not!" I'm glad I did check it out.

I actually have to say that, for the first half dozen pages of the first issue, I wasn't really feeling it. But, about the same time that Fabula Berzerko the three faces Zen monk appeared, the whole thing started to click with me. And from there on out I really enjoyed the ride.

Also, at first I was a little concerned that the comic was a little too T&A focused, but writer Matt Fraction proved that he knew what he was doing. With its weird thematic elements, strange character designs, and male characters engaging in fully nude combat as often as the females, I can see that the comic isn't about being exploitive so much as just being a no holds barred rollicking adventure.

Also the artist, Gabriel Ba's, work warmed on me quickly. At first certain elements of it bugged me. But, by issue #3, I found myself going "I wish I drew like that." Or, "I wish I came up with that character design."

Finally, I have to say that, along with Fell, I love comics that come with a back up secton where the writer talks about what went into creating the series. These little sections add so much depth to the title, while making you more excited about what going to happen next.

So, yeah, there are a lot worse ways to spend $1.99. Alone, I might give each issue four stars, but the combined experience is worth...

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