Friday, August 18, 2006

I saw and she saw Shaw down by the sea shore!

Actually, we weren't by the sea shore, but my wife and I did see the Seattle's Intiman theater production of Heartbreak House last night.

Between this, and recently seeing Circus Contraption again, I've come to realized that I do enjoy a good live show. Furthermore, I'm also realizing that I'm becoming increasingly interested (fixated even) in the Edwardian Era, or at least that period lasting from the final years of the 1800's through till sometime around WWI. While I have to admit a great deal of ignorance about the period in general, I also have to admit that there s a lot that appeals to me aesthetically and intellectually. From the rise of Socialism and Bohemianism, to the ongoing changes of the industrial revolution, to the rigid class structures, fashion, etiquette, to writers like HG Wells... and now George Bernard Shaw.

This was really my first exposure to George Bernard Shaw, though I've heard of him for years. And, I really enjoyed it. From its snappy dialogue (almost Mamet-esque in this production) to its zeppelin attack finale, I found Heartbreak House to be immensely enjoyable, intelligent, surprisingly funny and consistenly entertaining. I definitely would like to see additional plays of his.

I'm not sure where my interest in the Edwardian Era is coming from. Though, as I read Alvin and Heidi Toffler's Revolutionary Wealth, I'm beginning to convince myself that it stems from the fact that the change that was occuring during that time period in some ways reflects the changes that are occuring today. But, maybe that's a blog for another day (like when I finish the book and know what I'm talking about).

Regardless, I'm enjoying developing cards games involving Edwardian Era familys viaing for power, and drawing sci-fi versions of explorers in pith helmets. And, the play was great! It runs through the 26th, and is worth checking out if you have an evening to spare.

Intiman production of "Heartbreak House"

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