Thursday, August 31, 2006

NEW COMICS: 08.30.06

Ultimate X-men Annual #2 - This was a perfectly passable story. But, one that I'm not sure deserved an annual to tell it. Not only did it seem stretched thin, but the concept seemed like it could have been easily wedged into the monthly title.

That said, it was an interesting enough storyline dealing with some of the cast members who generally have been neglected lately: Dazzler and Nightcrawler. Both characters joined the team a while ago, but -once there- always seemed lost in the shuffle a bit. In addition, its interesting to see the fact that Rogue, Nightcrawler and Wolverine all have a common past at Weapon X addressed a little more. It's something that makes those characters relationship in the Ultimate Universe different from the main universe, so its nice to see it explored.

As far as art goes, I was hoping that Larocca would produce something a little more inspired, since he's not currently on a monthly. But, this generally looked fairly rushed and uninteresting.

Still, all things considered, an OK comic.

X-Factor #10 - I am definitely warming to this title as time goes on. Though I still have some issues with Peter David's writing, I also think that he's got a few interesting storylines bubbling here and there are some nice surprising revelations. In particular, the Siryn, Madrox, M love triangle he has set up this issue is, if nothing else, unique. Also, the reveal involving Stronge Guy is surprising to say the least.

The issue opens with a flashback which was illustrated by Roy Allen Martinez, who illustrated Son of M, and who's art I've definitely taken too. The rest of the issue s done by someone named Releto Arlem. I didn't find Arlem's art as compelling, but it was solid, and matches the tone of the book perfectly.

Civil War: Runaways/Young Avengers #2 - This title continues to basically be unremarkable and unmemorable for the most part. Neither the writing nor the art is bad. But, neither are they particularly inspired. Most of this issue is the kids finishing their obligatory fight with each other, and then talking things over a bit.

From that point, things get a little more interesting. Mainly because of the relationship of the two Skrull characters on the two teams. And because of a badguy being set, by SHIELD (since SHIELD has effectively become evil for the purposes of Civil War), to hunt the kids down. While continuing to portray the Pro-Registration side as evil is getting a little eye-rollingly redundant, at least the dynamic that is set up by the "bad guy" character and the two Skrulls will hopefully at least make the next issue a little more interesting.

X-men #190 - This could be my favorite title I'm reading right now. Carey isn't doing anything new with the it, but he is doing it well, and making it feel natural and unforced. Furthermore, he's managing to mix the crazy ideas™ of Morrison with really great character interaction that continues to feel fresh while also respecting past relationships.

There's just so much I enjoyed in this issue. The fight between Rogue and Northstar. The developments with Iceman and his powers (and Mystiques roll in the whole thing). Rogue's one-liner involving Emma's hair. Cable's appearance and the brief moment between him and Cannonball. The face off between Cable and Sabretooth (so macho they are almost making out), including the entertaining and random touch of having the table and chair stuck to the ceiling.

I enjoyed it so much that thinking about it now makes me want to reread the comic. Right now.

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