Thursday, August 31, 2006

Quick Random Update!

So, the auction has ended, and congrats to the people at Current.TV who won the right to design my T-shirt. I'll probably talk some more about that on a later entry, but I'll wait a bit until I know more myself.

Meanwhile, we are still shopping for tickets. After reading this this thread we are less certain about going with Nick and, and might just go back to arranging something ourselves. Most likely thought the OneWorld Alliance. If we do that, Tahiti might be back on the list again.

In addition, we've been throwing around the idea of ditching Kenya since things seem to be going bad there these days, and we aren't sure our friends will be there when we want to go. If that's the case, we will probably extend our South Africa stay to a month, and looking into doing some WWOOFing there. WWOOFing stands for somethnig to the effect of Will Workers On Organic Farms. Basically, you work on a farm, and in exchange you get free food and board for a couple weeks. We had some friends do it in Turkey, and they really enjoyed the experience.

We're almost through our vaccinations at least, with one more batch in a couple weeks... and then we've pt at least that behind us.

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