Saturday, September 30, 2006

NEW COMIC: 09.27.06

I ended up not getting Runaways vs. Young Avengers yesterday. I sort of realized I just didn't care.

Here's what I did get though...

Ultimates #12 - I liked it, but I just wish I'd liked it more. The issue was everything it was supposed to be, and I think that's part of the problem. I think I was hoping for some sort of twist. But instead we had Quicksilver beating the enemy speedster by running faster, Hulk beating the Abominaton by being more savage, and Captain America beating the evil Captain by being more badass. It was just a little too "by the numbers" for me. I did enjoy Tony's spaceship though, and some of the sequences were very well done.

But while Hitch's art was frequently awesome, it was sometimes a little disjointed and hard to follow. His great cinematic fight scenes get a little confused at times here, and the issue suffers a bit for that too.


X-men #191 - This story stumbles a little bit under the issue's guest penciller. It's not that Clay Henry is a bad artist, just sort of generic and a little too different from what Bachelo's been doing on the title. It's competent, but with a lack of Bachelo's style.

That said, we do get the background of the Children of the Vault, and while I'm not sure if it works scientifically (6000 years ain't that much time), it's got some interesting possibilities. It still doesn't really explain their motivation, why they are free now, or why they are trying so hard to remain secret, but I still hope that stuff will get explained at some point.

On a side note, the coloring is nice, and there are some nice story details here. I think it just doesn't quite hold up to the previous couple issues.

Civil War: Frontline #6 - The Speedball story is the only thing really holding my interest in this title now. The first story just doesn't seem to be clicking and is stumbling under its own self importance and Jenkin's transparent politics. While the third story has potential, it seems to abbriaviated and ends up feeling like it's treading water.

The second story, though, continues to interest me. The bit with Reed is interesting if only because it helps explore his position a bit. And I thought the play on a famous historical event was actually a clever cliffhanger for this issue.

I'm not even going to get into the fourth story. Just awkward and clunky again.

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