Monday, October 02, 2006

Southeast Asia and Packing Lists

Yesterday's episode of the Amazing Race sent the contestants to Vietnam which, in turn, sent me scrambling for our Souteast Asian Travel Guide. I've already been to Thailand before, and was always excited for the Southeast Asian leg of our trip. But, now I'm feeling Super Excited™!

Anyhow, I spent several hours last night reading up on Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam and can't wait to go. Then again, I just can't wait to leave on the trip. Period. We've still got four months until we even quit our jobs, but I'm already suffering from short-timers syndrome in a serious way.

In addition to reading up on Southeast Asia, I've also begun writing up a list of things that Sarah and I will have to pack for our trip. I should probably post it up here at some point, but I'll have to wait until I get it more refined and finalized. It'll be good to get that list finished though, because my mom is already asking for Christmas lists... and I have a feeling that travel gear will make up the main portion of what we will be asking for this years. Travel-friendly Give-N-Go Stretch™, fast-dry underwear? Yes, please!

EDIT: I listed this link before, but wanted to repost it to remind myself to compare this to my packing list.

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