Thursday, September 21, 2006

Vaccinations: Completed!

I got my last Rabies booster yesterday, which means that my wife and I are done with our Travel Vaccinations. Well, OK, we will still probably get a flu shot in late October, but that doesn't count.

So, that's one hurdle and expensive we've put behind us!

The next big thing will probably be buying the actual tickets. Unfortunately, that keeps getting delayed, as we wait for final word on whether I will be able to keep my job or not. If I can, we'll probably limit ourselves to just six or seven months. But, if I can't return to my job, we'll probably delay our return altogether and add an extra month or so to our trip.

Either works for me, but we are just waiting on word from my boss. Which I probably won't receive until after the a major launch my companies working on. Which, in turn, won't happen until early October. So, stay tuned till then!

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