Thursday, October 12, 2006

NEW COMICS: 10.12.06

A good solid week of comics for me. And staying home from work today allowed me to plow through all four of them, if though two were double sized issues.

Ultimate X-men #75 - Its fairly impressive to realized that this title is already at issue #75, and Marvel celebrates that fact by giving us a double feature.

In the first -main- portion of the issue, we get the start of the new "Cable" storyline. I actually like what it seems they are doing with Cable. Or, in the least, it could prove to be interesting.If I had any complaints its that it actually seemed to fly by. But, I enjoyed what there was.

The second part is dedicated to Emma's school and her students. Namely Doug Ramsey, who in the Ultimate universe is a human. This is actually an odd little story, and one that I'm not sure what to make of it or what its point was. Not bad, I suppose. Just odd.

Uncanny X-men #479 - Another strong issue, and Brubaker pulls off a seemingly impossible feat: He introduces a new, Shi'ar, "badass" bad guy that's actually boarderline interesting. I'm not sure what to make of his sword, and his connection to the Phoenix Entity, but its interesting at least. If I had a comlaint about him, its that the conflict with him seems to be resolved too quickly. But, with the twist at the end of the issue, I'm eager to read the next issue.

New X-men #31 - In which the Nimrod story finally reaches its end. And what a wild ride its been! This issue actually has a bit of a rocky start, and I'm still not sure if I'm sold on the way it was resolved, but I still felt it ended strong. And the multiple epilogues have me excited to see what happens next. I especailly like the way they dovetailed this story in with Nimrod's earliest appearance... tricky!

Also, I appreciate the letter from the writer at the end of this issue. After the craziness he's put the cast (and their fans) through over the last year, it was interesting to get his thoughts on the story, see what he's intent was, and get teased about what is to come. Again, it makes me excited to see what comes next.

This has been a great year-long story, but I'm happy to finaly see it wrap up.

Civil War: Frontline #7 - Whoa, when did this title suddenly get interesting? See the three seperate storylines start to pay off is nice. Even nicer is the fact that apparently they are all interconnected. I've enjoyed this title conceptually, but this is probably the first issue that delivers in terms of its three main stories.

The fourth story is still clunky though, but oh well.

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