Saturday, February 09, 2008

A commute from across the pond

When Sarah White posted her Commute Cam entry she became the first person to take the Commuter Cam Challenge international! Sarah's actually a Full Time Mum, so she doesn't have a traditional commute, but since her husband and son, Callum, and her recently moved to a new neighborhood, she had a novel idea: Use the Commuter Cam Challenge as an opportunity to explore her neighborhood.

So, after Callum was finally ready to head out, the two of them made a trip down to the neighborhood sweet shop, photographing anything noteworthy they came across.

Probably my favorite picture. "Danger of Death." Awesome. I actually really like seeing signs from other countries and sort of miss it being back home.

And look! A red double decker bus! So very, very British!

Anyhow, well done, Sarah! If there is anyone else out there doing the Commuter Cam project... be sure to let me know!

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