Sunday, February 03, 2008

Other Commutes

A week ago, I proposed the Commuter Cam Challenge, and two days later I posted photos from my commute. But, even more excitingly, several friends and fellow bloggers took me up on the challenge also. So, let's take a look at their entries!

First up is this entry by fellow Bad Genious (sic) Liana. Liana actually doesn't have a commute, so what did she do? She grabbed her camera and rode along with her always dependable husband, Dan! This also seemed to work nicely because it solved the problem of how to drive and take pictures at the same time.

Also, you have to admire Liana's dedication since apparently she almost starved to death during the drive.

Probably my favorite picture from Liana's entry. The "I 'Heart' to Fart" bumpersticker is classy.

The next person to post a Commuter Cam entry was my friend and ex-coworker Austin. Impressively, Austin actually went so far as to set up a webpage specifically for his entry. Also, because I used to work at RealNetworks, and because I used to live in Greenwood his entry was a bit of a walk down memory lane for me. Entertainingly, the coffee shop that he stops at is, like, two blocks from my apartment and I go passed it every day on the way to work, we almost literally walk right passed each other.

I really like this image from Austin's photos. Austin photographed his commute on the same day as me, but it looks like Greenwood got more snow than downtown.

Next up is another Bad Genious: Betsy! I thought that Betsy's entry was pretty cool. Betsy runs in marathons and other less long races, so it's not surprising that a lot of things (ranging from the bridge's she drives across to tattoo parlors) remind her of running.

You'll just have to check out her entry to find out why this tattoo parlor reminds her of running.

Also, Betsy pulled double duty on the commuter challenge and took her camera with her on two commutes to show both the standard commute, and the "take Jackson to school" commute. Bravo!

And last up is my friend and ex-roommate, Ambika. Ambika's in the early stages of her 365 Project where she plans to take at least one picture a day for the entire year. So, she nicely dovetailed the two projects and had her daily picture be a photo from her commute.

If you have a moment, its definitely worth checking out the other photos in the series. I'm jealous that she's doing such a cool and ambitious project!

Well, that's it so far with other people's commutes. If anyone else is interest, and photographs their commute to work, be sure to let me know!

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littlemonstercallum said...

It's interesting to see how different everyone's commute can be and what they notice etc on their journeys. A really interesting and exciting topic.