Thursday, April 24, 2008

I am a Bad Genious. Or am I?

First off, sorry it's been quite around here. Life's been busy. But, beyond that usual blogger excuse, I've also been working on a new online project for the last couple weeks: The Bad Genious blog.

The Bad Genious started out as a small online message board community of comic book collectors and friends. For the last couple years, we've been meeting online on a daily basis (usually as a quick escape from our respective jobs) to chat about comics and pretty much anything else we've seen, watched, read or listened to. Over the years, most of us have had the opportunity to meet at least one other person in life, and some of become very close real-life friends. Heck, two people even got married.

Well, last week, rather suddenly, we decided to try creating a comic collector's blog with the members of the message board serving as the contributing writers. All of us were writing review already on our little message board, and several of us had even attempted to incorporate comic news and reviews into our own personal blogs (including my many awkward attempts here).

So, now that we are a week into developing it and creating content for it, I feel confident mentioning it here. We've still got some kinks to work out, but I'm genuinely excited about what we are doing. And, if you have any interest in comic books, and it's surrounding culture, I hope you'll stop by at some point and check out the Bad Genious.

I promise I'll still be posting things here, but at least for now, expect my entries to be a little sparse. Also, keep your eye on Strange and Benevolent. It's been quiet the last couple months, but I think that Sarah and I will be making some posts there soon too.


(And, yes, we know that "genius" is spelt wrong.)

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