Monday, September 15, 2008

Things I missed in 1999.

While checking out Warren Ellis' blog, I stumbled across this little video gem that is loaded with all sorts of things that apparently occurred in 1999, while I was distracted by beer and College finals. Let's take a look shall we!

Actually, a quick search on Deep Thought indicates that Space 1999 was a TV series that originally aired in 1975. And, it also indicates that it's premise was awesome:

The underlying storyline of Space: 1999 centered on the plight of the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha following a calamity on September 13, 1999. A huge nuclear waste dump on the far side of the Moon detonates in a massive thermonuclear explosion, initiated by the buildup of magnetic radiation which was released, causing a nuclear chain reaction. The force of the explosion causes the Moon to be sent hurtling out of Earth's orbit and into deep space at colossal speed, stranding the 311 crew members, in effect becoming the "spaceship" on which the protagonists travel, looking for a new home. During their interstellar journey, the Alphans encounter a vast array of alien civilizations, dystopian societies, and strange phenomena previously unseen by man.

Sadly, for the last 32 years of my life, I've been unaware of this potentially awe inspiring series. My ignorance probably has to do with the fact that it originally aired on the same year I was born... in Britain. But, part of me now feels compelled to see if they have made it available on DVD.

If nothing else, the very 2001: A Space Odyssey-esque fashions seem to be the perfect antidote to the dark and gloomy, dystopian vision of Sci-Fi that has dominated popular entertainment since Blade Runner hit the scene back in 1982.

And, if nothing else: Martin Landau!

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