Friday, September 05, 2008

Can I have this dance?

I remember, back when Sarah and I were planning out big Round the World Trip, seeing a video which featured a guy doing a simple, yet affecting dance in various places around the globe. It was a pretty simple concept, but one that completely captivated me when I saw it, and helped fuel my already overactive imagination about the adventures Sarah and I would soon be having ourselves.

Well, today, for whatever reason, I decided to look it up again. I'd found myself suddenly curious to see how many of the places featured on the video I'd now been in my own life and travels. So, I track it down...

(I'm sure most of you have seen it, since I know if became quite the Internet sensation.)

Happily, I can announce that I've actually been to probably 2/3rds of the places on that video including Hanoi, Delhi, Bangkok, Agra, Prague, Angkor Wat, Kenya, Seattle and New York's Times Square. It's interesting watching it again now, after having been on my own trip. While before most of the places seemed distant and exotic, now there is a level of familiarity. It's still an amazingly diverse selections of locations, but rather than inspiring me to want to go there, it almost brings forth bittersweet feeling of nostalgia.

It's hard to describe the sensation.

But, not one to rest of his laurels, the guy who did the original video, Matt, this year released a new video which is, frankly, epic:

According to his website, Where the Hell is Matt?, this time out he had a little more sponsorship. But, it still is a pretty amazing little video.

Now I've got a whole new list of places I want to see.

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