Friday, November 14, 2008

Drat! My bidding limit was $14,825!

With Quantum of Solace being released this weekend, I wanted to do an entry talking about my obsession with James Bond. But, maybe, I'll wait until after I've seen it (hopefully this weekend) before I ramble about Bond. James Bond.

So, instead, I think I'm just going to post a link to a story talking about a real, true-life vampire hunting kit that apparently fetched nearly $15,000 at in auction in Mississippi recently.

1800s Vampire Killing Kit Nabs $14,850 At Stevens Auction
Nov 11th, 2008

A complete and authentic vampire killing kit, circa 1800 and housed in a walnut case, achieved $14,850. Natchez, Miss.:A complete and authentic vampire killing kit — made around 1800 and complete with stakes, mirrors, a gun with silver bullets, crosses, a Bible, holy water, candles and even garlic, all housed in a American walnut case with a carved cross on top — attained $14,850 in the Jimmy Pippen estate sale by Stevens October 3–4 in the new Natchez Convention Center.

The sale comprised the contents of Pippen's stores (Pippen Antiques and Pippen Interiors), items from his personal residence (which he considered a perfect creation and called "Paradise"), the contents of another home (a three-story, 1850s townhouse called "The Orchard" that he restored with fine appointments and rented out) and treasures from several warehouses.

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Now, far be it from me to fawn over something that would generally appeal to a 13 year old, suburban, Goth kid... but that's pretty cool. I didn't think that something like this actually existed outside of Joss Whedon's mind. I just find it interesting and intriguing that some person back in the 1800's was concerned enough about vampire attacks that they to assembled this kit, complete with silver bullets. I mean, I can't even get my act together enough to throw together an earthquake survival kit even though I live in Seattle.

Maybe I should put together a Sasquatch Hunting Kit.

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Nikole said...


I stumbled across your blog while browsing the World Travellers' Club, Inc. website. Your around the world trip looked truly unreal! I am gearing up to do one of my own!

I am writing to ask you about your experience with World Travellers' Club and Susi? I have been corresponding with her quite a bit lately regarding the purchase of all of my airfare. I am slightly skeptical about paying them in 'cash' and just wanted to get the dish on your experience with using them as your travel agent. Any words of wisdom?! Thanks so much and sorry to bother you with my silly questions on your personal blog :(

Thanks for any advice you have!