Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My Comic Collection

Wanna see my comic collection?

Today, on one of the comic book message boards I frequent, it was suggested that we all take pictures of our comic book collections to share how we store them, where we store them, and compare their... er... size. And, while the undertones of such activity might seem a little too much like the Fanboy equivalent of similar competitions and comparisons that jocks might participate in while changing in the locker room, I still figured it was worth posting the pictures here for the world to see.

As they say, I'll show you mine, if you show me yours., let's get started shall we!

The bookshelf in the living room. It's only about one third to one half trade paper backs and graphic novels, but it's sort of our "statement" saying: "Comics are literature, just like regular books." Bold, aren't we. These are primarily the comics that I might suggest to people when they are visiting. I have all sorts of fantasies where Sarah and I have dinner guests over, and suddenly I get to say something like: "Oh, you haven't read Osamu Tezuka's Buddha graphic novel? I you reallly should, it's enlightening (get it!)"

Or, something witty and comic related like that. One can dream.

Next to the bed you'll find just a small stack of comics (between the diaper holder and angry looking kitty cat). Actually, these are just the comics from the last month or so. In a weeks time they'll be read be read and moved into the basement. Speaking of which...

The basement, and the main portion of my collection and where most of my comics end up gathering dust. There's actually an additional small stack of comics lying nearby, which need to be filed away, but their existence is a source of torment for me, so I didn't take a photo of them. On the shelf beneath the boxes you can see trades that weren't deemed worthy enough to go on the "literary bookshelf" upstairs... in addition to books that also didn't make the cut. You'll notice on the boxes are little labels that say what comics are in them. But, what might be less obvious is that probably a fourth of those labels read "unsorted."

Anyhow, as I mentioned at the awkward lead-in to this entry, feel free to treat this like a meme and post your own collections. Maybe, if I hear about other people doing this, I can create a list of links of comic collection photos.

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